FourWheeler Magazine: Off-Road Heroes – Our All Time Favorites

FourWheeler magazine published a feature in which I was most graciously acknowledged as one of their off-road heroes! Thanks guys!

Duncan Barbour
The first time I met Barbour I was instantly impressed by his off-road, and overall, confidence. This Scotland native has a long history in the off-road world. He was shortlisted three times for the Camel Trophy British team and he spent five years as the Camel Trophy Special Events organizer. He has organized and led more than 40 events and expeditions to every corner of the globe including Zambia, Botswana, Argentina, Cyprus, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, and more. He is also the brains behind the BATT (Barbour All Terrain Tracking) vehicle, which is used for on- and off-road camera tracking in the film industry. His movie credits include Braveheart, The English Patient, and The Mummy.

From FourWheeler magazine, 1 May 2013:
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