SFS Member Profile: BATT

Barbour All Terrain Tracking Ltd specialises in on and off road camera tracking, 4×4 expedition consultancy and management, 4×4 driving and driver training from City & Guilds Certificate of Competence level training to advanced off road driving techniques and event management and implementation.

The camera tracking side of the business has recently finished building the “VampyreBATT” which is a true multi purpose camera tracking platform. It provides a tracking base for remote controlled cranes such as the Bickers/Panavison Russian Arm, Alpha Grip’s Scorpio Arm and for standard camera cranes all the way up to 30′ telescoping cranes like the TechnoCrane 30. Duncan has retained the RAM camera crane from BATT 1 which is 12 foot vertical track that mounts front or rear on the tracking vehicle with a hydraulic winch that powers the camera and stabilised head package up and down when driving over any ground conditions. The vehicle will also operate as a re- positionable crane base as well as carrying out normal camera tracking work… All in the one high performance package for on and off road use.

This is a unique vehicle in the film industry which is capable of both on and off road camera tracking with the ability to carry a variety of camera and crane packages on the one tracking vehicle. (See links below for photos and video clips of the vehicle in more detail and rigged in various ways.)

Coming from a 4×4 vehicle expedition background with the Camel Trophy, (an expedition driving event that rivaled the Dakar Rally for its fame and easily surpassed it in its difficulty), Duncan Barbour has organised and led over 40 events and expeditions to every corner of the globe in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet as well as working on many films and features around the world. He carries this experience and knowledge through to his work in the film and events industry both on the driving side of things in his camera tracking work but also as a consultant with regards to 4×4 vehicles and use on films and TV, remote location access, event organisation, off road vehicle operations, training and off road recovery in the field.

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