SFS: Barbour All Terrain Tracking’s VampyreBATT and new Robin

Taken from SFS blog 5 October 2015

Barbour All Terrain Tracking (BATT) are out in Ireland at the moment working on the production of the next series of Game of Thrones after a successful test with the Russian Arm mounted on the VampyreBATT against Chapman’s dual tracking vehicle with a Lenny Arm in August.

Prior to this Barbour All Terrain Tracking were on Tommy’s Honour in Fife for 6 days with the VampyreBATT being used as a re positionable crane base with Tecnocrane Europe’s Moviebird 45 on the back. More recently BATT was out working on the new series of Shetland in the Shetland Isles towing a hero vehicle on an A Frame.

That makes the VampyreBATT very unique as a tracking vehicle as there are few other tracking vehicles available that are quite as versatile.

And here is BATT’s new tracking vehicle “ROBIN”. Built in Yorkshire, and normally residing in the BATTcave in Scotland, Robin has recently been out on its first job in Glasgow with a steadicam rigged on the back.

The new tracking vehicle is based on a Can Am Commander side by side platform. It has seating for 4 people and is designed as a compact tracking vehicle which will operate both on and off road. The vehicle is road registered with a top speed capability of 70 mph whilst still retaining a very good off road ability as the vehicle is equipped with four wheel drive, low range and a locking front differential.

Robin is currently being prepped for its next job which is back out to Game of Thrones in Ireland in place of the VampyreBATT next week to work with Camera Revolutions Libra stabilised mount for horse and battle sequences on the new series.

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