SFS: VampyreBATT on the epic Episode 9 of GoT’s Season 6

Taken from SFS blog 23 June 2016

Holy Moley! Did you see Episode 9 of Season 6? Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, you will appreciate the enormous amount of work it takes to film a battle scene. From the horse and fight choreography to the physical and special effects involved to bring it to life, all filmed of course on an enormous field of mud.

Thank you so much to the Game of Thrones production team and HBO for sharing this fantastic behind the scenes piece on the epically epic Battle for Winterfell episode that aired this week. (Well it also has a different name ).

You’ll see a few cracking shots of the fine work Duncan Barbour from Barbour All Terrain Tracking did with his VampyreBATT tracking vehicle with the Russian arm attachment, helping achieve some of those amazing shots.

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